Sunday, February 17, 2013

WHO'S eXcItEd? I AM I AM!!

Isn't she a beauty? What if I told you I have two of them? You'd probably call me a liar....BUT ITS TRUE! Yippy there is two! :) My mom had these in her house and she told me I could have them! I am so super excited. I am going to recover them due to the fabric having some stains. I think I'm going to keep the wood natural what do you think?

So I've been looking at these 6 wonderful fabrics but can't seem to choose which one I like more? Here is the couch that I have that will be in the same room as these two amazing chairs. What do you think?....any suggestions?
Stay tuned.......


  1. I'm loving the contrast of the 3rd swatch! <3

    1. I would agree. I'm excited to see which one she uses!