Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can organization be fun? I think so....

Okay I am not one of those {crazy} people who enjoy organizing things (I am jealous of those whom enjoy in doing so...ya, you know who you are....). I'm one of those people whom has everything, everywhere in my house. When I'm looking for a glue stick, there is about 5 different spots were those glue sticks are. Yep, it's a bit crazy. So I've been thinking of ways in order to be a bit more organized. But it has to be cute and most definitely fun. So I got super excited when I found these awesome glass containers at the dollar store! I HEART AWESOME DOLLAR STORE FINDS!
They have a edge/area to paint chalkboard paint on them so no taping/measuring required! click here to check them out. The awesome thing about these is that you don't have to just use them for crafts supplies but also in the kitchen for sugar, flour, tea, coffee, or in the bathroom for cotton balls, q tips, etc. The options are endless! *This is when I jump up, fist in air while clicking my heels....HOORAY!*

What a cheap way to organize...right?

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