Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage {thrifty DIY} Wall Art

Okay so this project costs close to nothing!  And super easy. I spent $8 on the whole thing! I am deeply in love with old photographs and pictures. Someone threw out a whole set of vintage encyclopedias and I was the lucky one to find them! I spent a couple days just going through them and looking at the wonderful vintage pictures. I tore out my favorite ones and stored them away. So when I found these frames at the dollar store I knew it would be perfect for these encyclopedia pages. They are wonderful! Simple and chic.

What you'll need
  • Dollar store frames (there is these 11x14" and/or both these 8 1/2 x11")
  • Book pages
*I guarantee you if you go to your local thrift store they will have a book for you with something that catches your eye. I've rarely seen a book for more than $2, and they are usually filled with beautiful pictures. Little Green notebook has a little different idea with beautiful moth prints from a book (check it out, they are beautiful!). You could do kids books, nature, maps, encyclopedias, you name it! Try to stick towards a theme and group it together.

So First off I picked out my pages from the book that I loved the most. I just tore the pages out and didn't even bother to cut them out neatly. I like the jagged edge look.
Then I took out the inner cardboard from the frame and flipped it around so that the black is facing the back and the grey is facing you.

Then I just placed the book page in the middle of the frame.
 I love how they turned out. Why buy expensive art when books are filled with these things?!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Multiple Design Personality Disorder.

Okay this might not be a real diagnoses....but if it was I definitely have it. My sister and I suffer from it. Some may say its a good thing, but we would consider it a curse. Since moving into my house (6 months ago) I have changed my living room around....ohh I would say about close to 10 different times. Every time I step into my sisters house she has at least bought, painted, or completely changed something new. Oh and did mention I go to my sisters ALOT! See we love old things, but love modern new things as well. Oh and color? We can't get enough of color...but then we realize it just gets to be to much! Space on a wall? Whats that? We need things EVERYWHERE! Colors, patterns, oh my! WERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE? My head hurts just thinking about it.  We were both complaining to our mother about this multiple design personality disorder and mom put us in our place....she said it just perfectly..... "Girls, just surround yourself with things you love and it will be beautiful." Wow mom, you are one smart cookie. So I wanted to leave you with that....surround yourself with things you love and it will be beautiful...what ever it is!

So, I am currently suffering from this today. I got this lamp at a thrift store and wanted to paint the inside and bottom gold parts a funky color. I bought the lamp a week ago. But when checking out my favorite blog http://www.vintagerevivals.com/2013/02/musical-lights.html I became obsessed with her industrial light. I went out searching for one and wowzers I found one like it for $2! So I think I might have to replace it already? maybe? perhaps? Oh boy my disorders kicking in high gear right now.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unique {gift} on a budget

This truly can be given at anytime, any moment, for any reason....well you get it!  It's a handy dandy gift to give when you are in a bind trying to give that perfect something with meaning and {something that doesn't cost a fortune} As you have probably noticed throughout our blogs we like to be penny savvy {every penny we save is a penny that can be spent thrifting.  Truly $1 and go a long way!}  
I saw this idea on pinterest and checked out Shanty-2-Chic Blog!

LOVED IT!  I just tweaked it a little to fit the style I was looking for.  Here is my quick version of this letter art!

What You Need:
  • 4x6 frames from the Dollar Store {amount depending on the length of name}
  • A board that is pre-cut from Menards or Home Depot or a Salvaged Piece of wood that already has character  {tip I brought my frames inside the store so I made sure that the name would fit on their nicely} This usually costs in between $5-$10
  • Stain/old rag
  • Paint/paintbrush in this case I just used a white indoor latex paint
  • ruler
  • E600 glue and this can truly be found anywhere {Menards, Micheals, Acme Tool, Walmart etc}
  • vaseline {you will see why in a little bit}

Start off by staining your piece of wood.  I did this step so when you paint it and sand it, it has some contrast between the white paint and the wood to give it a rustic/vintage look.

Let the stain dry overnight.  The next step is to rub Vaseline around the edges of the wood on the corners and random spots on the wood.  Where you place the Vaseline the paint will not adhere as well and you can rub it off giving it an amazing look. See picture below! 
Once you get your Vaseline in all the right spots paint board! & take apart the frames and paint the frames while you are at it as well!

Once they are dry take a piece of sand paper and lightly sand the edges of the frames, and the wood where you had applied the Vaseline!

It's starting to come together! 
Now it's the fun part to pick out they style of letters to go in the frames!  There is an awesome Flickr site that has tons of letters to choose from!  Download those letters you can either print them off right there at home or I had them printed at a photo center just to give them a glossy more professional look!
Add the glass back to the frames insert your picture {On some frames you cannot add the cardboard piece back on because it will stick out from the wood, some just remove the standing thing but I just left the entire thing off completely}
Add your E600 to the back of the frame {make sure your frame is all measured out evenly} and stick into place.
Allow glue to dry and then add your hanging hardware to the back and That's it!  You have an amazing gift for that special someone.  Super cute for a new baby, wedding gift, house warming gift, anniversary, "it's the gift that keeps on giving".  hahaha. Love that line! Enjoy! And Thank you Shanty-2-Chic for your inspiration!

Can organization be fun? I think so....

Okay I am not one of those {crazy} people who enjoy organizing things (I am jealous of those whom enjoy in doing so...ya, you know who you are....). I'm one of those people whom has everything, everywhere in my house. When I'm looking for a glue stick, there is about 5 different spots were those glue sticks are. Yep, it's a bit crazy. So I've been thinking of ways in order to be a bit more organized. But it has to be cute and most definitely fun. So I got super excited when I found these awesome glass containers at the dollar store! I HEART AWESOME DOLLAR STORE FINDS!
They have a edge/area to paint chalkboard paint on them so no taping/measuring required! click here to check them out. The awesome thing about these is that you don't have to just use them for crafts supplies but also in the kitchen for sugar, flour, tea, coffee, or in the bathroom for cotton balls, q tips, etc. The options are endless! *This is when I jump up, fist in air while clicking my heels....HOORAY!*

What a cheap way to organize...right?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Painted Couch Reveal!

Check out our new website! www.thewhitehouseboutique.com      
 Yes the painted frenzy doesn't stop at chairs {see here and here}. We painted this couch and the results were AMAZING! So amazing we fought over who could keep it....It literally looks like leather! I cheated on the reveal though by not finishing the seat cushions but couldn't hold it in anymore and wanted to share.

2 parts paint to 1 part fabric medium {the fabric medium softens the fabric}

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!  Love watching the transformation!! Ahhhhhh....this poor little couch just sat there all lonely....It was in amazing shape and I LOVED the wood detail!  After painting the matching chair {which went so smoothly} we decided that it had to be ours!  I am so glad we rescued this lovely!

It truly looks like an expensive leather couch!  love it!  Now it's just time to finish the cushions!  Hope you all enjoyed our HOW To!  I bet you are all looking around at your furniture wondering what you can paint! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

FUN with paint.

You can do so much with a paint brush, paint tape, and a can of paint. It can transform anything into a piece of art! Stripes, chevron, checkered, herringbone, you name it you can do it with tape and paint!

My room has been a work in progress....(and still currently is).... I wanted to do something different for my white wall in my bedroom so with these three things and a little measureing I came up with this........and love it! SO EASY!

I got this little guy in the trash! It has casters on it even...love! I loved the old wood look but wanted to funkyfy it up a bit. So once again with a brush, paint, and tape I came up with this......
What could u do with paint and painters tape?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

WHO'S eXcItEd? I AM I AM!!

Isn't she a beauty? What if I told you I have two of them? You'd probably call me a liar....BUT ITS TRUE! Yippy there is two! :) My mom had these in her house and she told me I could have them! I am so super excited. I am going to recover them due to the fabric having some stains. I think I'm going to keep the wood natural what do you think?

So I've been looking at these 6 wonderful fabrics but can't seem to choose which one I like more? Here is the couch that I have that will be in the same room as these two amazing chairs. What do you think?....any suggestions?
Stay tuned.......

Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Love day}

Happy Valentine's Day! I truly love this day. I feel it's a day to tell the people that are special to you how much you really love them. With that being said I made these fun little heart banners for the special people in our life! The best party about it is that I only spent $2. Yup $2! I found these red hearts at the $dollar$ store {I love that place}.  I purchased these red glitter hearts a pack of 5 for $1.  

I thought they were cute and I needed them for Love day.....I knew I could do something fun with them!  The second I took them out of the package I knew these would make the cutest banner  So here is what I did with them....the fun thing with this is you can decorate the hearts anyway your little heart desires as long as it speaks from the heart....my theme that I wanted to go with was the vintage romantic.   

What you need:
Glitter Hearts ($ store)
Hole Puncher
Music Sheet paper/ book paper
glue {I used a glue gun}

First thing is first......you need to punch holes in the top of your hearts.....this is where the string will be pulled through.....*hint: make sure you do two holes in each heart because they will lay flat. 

 Next decide how you want to decorate them.  I added sheet music to 3 of the hearts and glued them to the center of the hearts.  I wanted to add a focal point to the center of the large heart so I added a rosette made with sheet music and came across a vintage cupid which I thought fit perfectly with my theme.  I glued them on and was ready to thread them on the twain.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Enjoy this day with the people you LOVE!