Friday, February 22, 2013

Multiple Design Personality Disorder.

Okay this might not be a real diagnoses....but if it was I definitely have it. My sister and I suffer from it. Some may say its a good thing, but we would consider it a curse. Since moving into my house (6 months ago) I have changed my living room around....ohh I would say about close to 10 different times. Every time I step into my sisters house she has at least bought, painted, or completely changed something new. Oh and did mention I go to my sisters ALOT! See we love old things, but love modern new things as well. Oh and color? We can't get enough of color...but then we realize it just gets to be to much! Space on a wall? Whats that? We need things EVERYWHERE! Colors, patterns, oh my! WERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE? My head hurts just thinking about it.  We were both complaining to our mother about this multiple design personality disorder and mom put us in our place....she said it just perfectly..... "Girls, just surround yourself with things you love and it will be beautiful." Wow mom, you are one smart cookie. So I wanted to leave you with that....surround yourself with things you love and it will be beautiful...what ever it is!

So, I am currently suffering from this today. I got this lamp at a thrift store and wanted to paint the inside and bottom gold parts a funky color. I bought the lamp a week ago. But when checking out my favorite blog I became obsessed with her industrial light. I went out searching for one and wowzers I found one like it for $2! So I think I might have to replace it already? maybe? perhaps? Oh boy my disorders kicking in high gear right now.


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