Friday, November 30, 2012

{DIY} Deck the Halls with WREATHS

It's here....It's finally here...our DIY on our version of a vintage shabby Music/book wreath.
Here is what you NEED:
  • music sheet paper/ pages out of a book {25}
  • glue gun/ glue stick
  • paper plates or cardboard- this will be what you glue the paper to
  • elmers glue
  • glitter 
  • small piece of ribbon
  • crepe paper
  • notions of your choice
To get started heat up your glue gun and wrap around roughly 25 sheets of your paper so it creates a cone shape.  Next cut your paper plate or cardboard into a circle I cut the ribbed edges off a paper plate so I have a nice flat surface to work with.  Once you get your cones created I still use my glue gun and start gluing them onto the plate/cardboard.  I start by making a cross {see picture above}  Once those are stuck on there good I go ahead and glue cones in between the two cones {see picture above}  I continue this process once more. Once you have it filled in I turn the plate around and fill in the back sparingly but where needed {this just gives it a little bit more fuller and 3D look!
  Your wreath should be coming together at this point!  Once you are finished filling in the back grab your ribbon and create a loop so you have something to hang it from {see picture}.
 Turn around and create your center {focal point}  I usually take crepe paper and create a rosette for the center...glue on....
then I usually add a notion of choice {can usually find these at any local craft store in the holiday section}  In picture above I purchased some glitter letters and added the word JOY!  Being its a JOYful season and all!  I also had these cute banners that read NOEL!  Have I mentioned I LoVe ChRiStMaS!!

Then for a little extra glitz I have added glitter in the corners of the pages/cones {see picture}.  You have now created your very own gorgeous music WREATH!  They are truly very cute with book paper as well!  Would be great for the book worms during Christmas!!   I think I know what my daughter will be giving to her piano teacher as a Thank you Christmas Gift!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY {believe} Banner

This weeks DIY is this shabby chic book page cute hung above your mantle, windows, pretty much anywhere!  Super easy and here is what you need:

  • a random book you don't mind destroying
  • computer/printer
  • glitter
  • glue
  • twain
  • painters tape {optional}

Here are the steps
  1.  First you need to decide what you want your banner to say {in this case I choose the word BELIEVE} one of my favorites for Christmas!  Tear the pages out of your book carefully making sure to get the full page from the binding.
  2. Next pick a program on your computer to type the letters.  You will be printing them one letter at a time.  I like to use the program but your microsoft word, or photo editors will be able to do this for you as well.  
  3. Make your letter quite large so it takes up at least 3/4 the page.  When printing make sure that you are printing a 5x7 so it will fit on your book page.  I print from windows photo gallery.  I cheat and tape my book page with painters tape {this way it won't tear the paper when you take it off} to where it will print on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.  See pictures below!  Print our your letter.  

4. Once you have created your word, I added a little glitter around the edges of the letter just to give it a little extra Winter sparkle.  
5. Punch holes in both corners of each letter in the upper right and left corners!
6. String with your twain {or any ribbon of choice} and you  have now created your banner!!                 
Merry Making!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

{DIY} Shabby Christmas Ornaments

What You Need:

Mod Podge
Sheet Music or pages from a Book
Ornaments....Any Kind
Sparkling Crystal Glitter {pearl}

Tear paper in little chunks

I just dig in and get all messy.  Dip paper pieces in Mod Podge and smooth and cover the ornament.  If the metal top of the ornament comes off I take this off until I am done covering my ornament.  Cover the ornament completely with the paper.  Then I set in a bowl and sprinkle with my crystal Glitter to give it a little glitz.
 They are Cute like that....or you can add cute little banners to them such as these....I just quickly stamped Christmas themed sayings and cut them out banner style added with a little silver glitter. 

Christmas tree BLING {DIY}

How to make your own Christmas tree {bling} instead of spending lots of $ at the Craft stores!  It's so SIMPLE!

What you need:
twigs/sticks {we found ours at the dollar store}
or spray paint

Step 1:  This is when you decide if you want bling or just a pop of color added to your tree.  With the red branches I just went in my backyard and picked some random sticks!  With the bling ones you could use sticks/twigs from your backyard as well I just happened to pick up some twig arrangement at the dollar store and used them!
Step 2:  With the spray paint I just added a tarp to the ground placed the sticks on top of the tarp and sprayed away making sure to cover all sides!  Let dry!  Easy as that!  Add to tree or vase and you have some super cute modern decor!
Step3:  With the glitter we just rolled them in Elmers glue covering all sides.
Roll in Glue
Step 4: Next we rolled them in glitter!  TahDah...these are complete.
Roll in Glitz
Let dry and add them to a vase or to your christmas tree for a little extra Glitz & Glam!  So fun and So EASY!!

The Glammed out tree:  So pretty...