Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Patch up those holes with LoVe...

So apparently I LoVe my black leggings....so much that I have worn them out in the knees!  I was saddened by this.....they were so comfy.  Granted I will probably go and pick up another pair but I just couldn't bring myself to throw these when all it was a couple little holes.  But wearing them with those little holes was a little drafty in Minnesota!  I was cleaning out my sewing area when I came across a denim iron on patch and then it dawned on me!  I was going to give my pants the LoVe they needed!  So here is what you need to make     these adorable leggings!

  • iron on patch....{this  denim patch I choose to use was a denim patch}
  • scissors
  • iron
Truly....all you need are those three things!! Plug in the iron...and while you are waiting for it to heat up cut out the shape you are wanting....as you can see I cut out the patch in two heart shapes.  Place your leggings so they are flat and the holes are ready to be covered.  Lay the hearts on top {denim side facing up} of the holes and place iron on them long enough so they have created a good bond with one another!  Let cool...and you are ready to ROCK your new leggings!  I personally think this look is so cute one doesn't need holes....these may even save those knees from creating a hole in the first place!  My knees will never be draft again!!  Now hurry up....your leggings are awaiting you to add some fun to them!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chicken Wire Frame {DIY}

Chicken wire gives frames a new life! I had this big gold frame hanging around in my basement that I got a while back for $9. I have drug it out so many times wanting to do something with it and finally I was inspired...... by this.....

What You need:
  1. Heavy duty stapler
  2. Staples
  3. Frame (make sure its wood)
  4. Chicken wire - if you know any farmers...they usually have this laying around haha (you can purchase it at home depot) click here for home depot chicken wire.
  5. Wire cutters
  6. a little bit of strength (stretching wire out) :)
I take the frame and lay it over the chicken wire and cut out the wire all the way around. Its better to over estimate then to underestimate because you can always go back and trim off the wire after stapling it.  

 Then you start at one side of the frame and staple ever two wires (as seen below). This way it is good and sturdy! I staple one side then staple the other side of the frame that is parallel to side that you just stapled. This makes it extra tight so that you can hang pictures from it. Then proceed to do the other two sides just the same. Make sure you are pulling the wire with every staple to make it as tight as possible!! (This is were the strength comes in!)
A little rustic in a pretty Victorian frame? YES PLEASE!


Monday, January 21, 2013

HUH? Did you say PAINTED Chair?!?

As some of you know my Sister & I pretty much wing most of our projects.  We see something that catches our eye may research it a little on pinterest, ask around to some of our crafty friends but then the rest of it is pretty much fly by the seat of our pants!  Trial & error is another good way to explain it!  I am on the hunt for two chairs for our living room.  I wanted something fun yet cozy, & most importantly something that won't break the bank!  I was thrifting one afternoon {crazy I know} when I came across this super cute chair!  I was in love with everything the size, the coziness, the shape, loved the wood detail, and I swear the thing had never been sat in because it was in AMAZING condition!  Only one thing....I was not crazy about the pattern on the fabric.  Hmmm.....I purchased the little lovely anyway hoping that I could get in touch with someone in the upholstery world or heck maybe even I could give it a try, for some reason she had to be mine!  My purse is now $30 lighter!  I got in touch with a few people that knows a little something about recovering but I just couldn't bring myself to spend that much on fabric and also to get it recovered!  I had a couple gals telling me to paint it!  I was for some reason nervous to go with through with it but we had just freshly painted & given some new life to our living room that I finally became to antsy to wait anymore!  So I WAS going to paint it!  

If you dare to be as daring here are the few things you need:
Fabric Medium {Michael's or Hobby Lobby} found in the arcrylic paint section
Paint tape {if you have wood detail that you do not want to paint}
Paint {interior paint in your color  of choice}
Paint brush

 I ran to Michael's on my Sunday evening {Hobby Lobby has it as well} and grabbed a few bottles of Fabric Medium $1.99 a bottle.  I taped off the wood detailing so I would be sure not to get any paint on it!  I then grabbed an old container and dumped in two bottles of fabric medium {fabric medium is used so it won't be so stiff, it softens the fabric} I measured it 2:1 paint to fabric medium.  I mixed them two together grabbed my brush & got busy!  I just simply painted away!  I was so excited to see the end result!  Once dry remove your paint tape and you now have a new chair!  Some spots may require a double coat depending on your pattern and fabric you are painting over!  This chair had a bottom cushion and I just happened to have a pillow case that matched this color perfectly.  To add a little extra comfort I took the cushion and covered it with the pillow case tucked it under and stuck in on the chair giving it some added character & comfort!  I ran down in the morning once completely dry and placed her in her new spot!  I am so thrilled with the results!  I now have the perfect chair and it only costed $35!  Now I am hoping to find the perfect partner for her to complete our living room!  Thanks for stopping by!  Let us know if you have any questions!  Much Love, The White House Girls

Friday, January 11, 2013


     Everyone has that favorite little saying that catches an eye, makes a person smile, or makes them feel good inside. Here is a easy way to display your favorite quote in your home. This project will take you 10 minutes or less!I had the supplies lying around my house so this project was FREE!Anything that is free is pretty much amazing! 

What you'll need:

1. Pencil
2. Permanent marker
3. Map or scrap paper (we sell these sheets of maps at the white house for $1!)
4. Letter stencils (got mine at loopys for $1)
5. Quote of your choice
-some fun ones: {live what you love} {be weird be happy} 
-for maps: {run away with me} {you are my greatest adventure}

(I used glitter letters to trace)

First trace your quote onto your map or scrap book paper with a pencil. Then you need to bring out your coloring skills and color the letters in with a permanent marker (remember keep it inside the lines) ;) Then....oh wait your done! Frame it and bam! You got yourself your favorite little quote hanging on the wall for everyone to see!

Friday, January 4, 2013

{A Touch of Vintage} InViTe

My cousin is getting married in a few months {Yippie!! I have the special honor of being one of her bridesmaids!} My Aunts are hosting a Bridal Shower for her!  I was put on bridal invite duty!  So I got busy at it!  I wanted to add a {touch of Vintage with some modern flare}.  I thought I would put this blog together in order to help with creativity block when it comes to making invites for that special party! 
First think if there is a theme for the party or as for the bridal invite I tried thinking of her wedding colors.  In this case her colors are silver and Tiffany blue!  Another tip is to look at examples of what you are wanting.  Google it under images for example modern invites, chevron invites, baby invites...etc.  I saw an invite with a doily and that is what sparked my creativity!  I used the program picmonkey {which is EXTREMLY easy to use} I chose a woodgrain background and played around with the fonts and colors! Made sure to add some Tiffany Blue in the invite to correspond with her Wedding Day! Make sure to save it as a jpeg and off to copy store you go {here they will be able to size it and print if off for you on cardstock} or you can also choose to print it off at home you can find cardstock at any craft store!
To add a little uniqueness to the invite I wrapped it with a paper doily wrapped it with twain added a love tag and finished it off with my favorite touch a feather!  
There is so much one can add to an invite for a personal touch such as buttons, lace, ribbon, rick rack, twain, etc...print it out on vintage pages from a book even! If you are looking for fun colored envelopes I purchased these kraft style envelopes at Hobby Lobby which were $6 for 50 envelopes.  I added some fun font for the addresses to add that final touch of special!  
I think they turned out pretty darn cute!  I hope the bride likes them!  Hope this helps with any creativity block on may have! 
Happy Friday to all!!