Friday, May 31, 2013

{DIY} area Rag Rug

Truly ladies and gentleman this one anybody can do! As long as you have yourself a needle and thread and you found yourself some cute rag rugs your in business!! I came across these adorable rugs at a thrift store for $2 a piece!! I grabbed 9 of them with this idea in mind!! Again husband looked at me like I was crazy! But little does he know those are the looks that keep me thriving!!
The first thing I did was lined them up on the floor according to the shape and size that I wanted! Next I grabbed a large needle and embroidery thread and went to town hand stitching together the seams! I choose embroidery thread because of its extra strength but I also think fishing string would work wonders as well!! A lesson learned and tip-the extra little threads that hang off the ends of the rugs do NOT fully cut off before sewing together (your rug will fall apart) just trim them up to the knot! Once finished I have a beautiful rag area size rug!! The best part about it is that it was $22! And to put icing on the cake it's super super adorable!! Now go get your rugs and get your sew on! Enjoy!! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Toy turned Glam

We got a box of these little plastic cute horses, a couple bulls, and a couple donkeys at a sale. We wanted to glam them up.
So with a little spray metallic spray paint (got paint at Menards) they turned out glitzed!
This poor little horsey that was once sad and lonely.
Is now a gold stallion for everyone to see!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throw out week 2013

Rescued this adorable beauty!
Again my theory becomes reality-"Us junkers are "Saving the Earth one piece of Junk at a time!"  True story.  This should be a junkers NATIONAL HOLIDAY!  This year played a nasty trick on our heart strings,  because of the flood forecast in the Fargo/Moorhead area they postponed Throw out Week for Sept. We were devastated and lost sleep!  But we soon talked ourselves into the idea of it being a good thing, allowing us to get things organized and gain room being we have been hoarding during the off season so we were healing slowly!  BUT then they changed the Forecast- No Flood and Garbage Week was back on! This meant that our curbside diving would start in just a couple days!  WHAT!!!!  We were jumping with joy I truly almost started crying!  This was a good day....our backyards were just going to have to look like a yard sale for a couple days until we get our goodies organized!  We joke around that our divorce rate goes up about 75% during this week, nothing more attractive then digging through garbage and loading up our back yard with CRAP, rarrrr!  Hahahah, they love us!  Okay back to our finds!  This year was good and bad, we didn't have a trailer {next year this is a must} so we had to pass on some AMAZING finds! Make sure to {Like} us on Facebook because through out the week we updated the page with curb alerts and hooked some people up with some fantastic curbside finds!  The weather was so so, a little chilly and it sprinkled off and on leaving some of the upholstered goods wet {sad story!}  Our Mother even blessed us with her presence and joined in on the fun!  Her first throw out week experience, and she fit in great!  No shame in the game when you are finding the treasures we did!  She'll be back! So all and all we had a good year!  Can't complain about getting a load of FREE JUNK!  Until next year, we already look forward to it {our plans are to become hired by the city and be a garbage man for that week, can you imagine what they see and find hands on! haha okay we might not go that far but maybe we could become best friends with them!}  We were also discussing that EVERY city should do this!  It SAVES so MUCH, so so so so so MUCH from going to the dump!  That's our story!  Enjoy the pictures!

A tufted chair.....perfect condition!
What my backyard was beginning to look like! Yikes! But check out all our finds!
I know right, can you believe people throw these things out!
Just some more goodies....

You know you have a problem when you take something from your own garbage pile! haha my mother-in-law was throwing it out! I saved it , took the legs off of it, and added it as wall art in my little boys vintage sport room!

This one was adorable! Even had the glass knobs!  Couldn't fit it in our vehicle, but posted it on our page and it was rescued!!

This little guy was so stinkin cute!  Reminded us of a chair that was on the set of the Movie {UP} Carl and Ellie's chairs!

Really excited about this one!

Couldn't fit this one either, but we are hoping it was saved!

Probably our favorite of our curbside finds!  Each drawer was an old filing cabinet style!  Amazing!!! But oh so BIG!  This guy was snatched up by another junk loving family Rustic Trunk!!  Yippie, so glad it was saved!

The Cutest little bed frame!
We have chairs coming out of our ears!!  But we love them!!
That concludes our Curbside diving of 2013!  Ya'll come back now ya hear!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dumpster transformation!

So we mentioned before that there is a wonderful week in Fargo/Moorhead that is called clean up week. I would consider it a holiday that we celebrate. We wanted to share some of our dumpster transformations with you. Yes, people threw goodies out in their trash.....but no need to worry.....the White House Gals rescued several treasures before there time was done. Each has their own story..........

This little chair I saw great potential in.
My mom got this a while ago at a thrift store...and it didn't take much in talking her to give it to me.....haha...I fell in love with the tribal print. Who would actually wear this awesome vest in the first place? Might as well give it some love.
So put it on a chair. Add some pen painted free handed arrows and you got yourself a pretty dang cute little chair.
How cute would this be at a cabin or in a deer shack? They can be pretty too right?

See inspiration here.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Boring wall tranformation!


A chalkboard painted wall and some fabulous thrift store/ garage sale finds later......
The awesome thing about this is that the most expensive thing on this wall was the desk at $40. EVERYTHING else was less than $7 each!
White House girls