Friday, January 31, 2014


We have updated our website/blog to we will no longer be posting under this address. To keep up with our current and latest projects and creations please subscribe to our new website address!! Make sure to keep up with us as we have LOtS of fun new diy and ideas to share with you!! Thanks for all your love and support!! Our drive to keep on inspiring would not be possible without you all!! Much love, xoxo the White House girls

Friday, January 17, 2014

5$ Chair Updo

I got this chair at a thrift store for $5! I love the shape and thought it would be an easier chair to reupholster due to it having wood arms. I have wanted to try drop cloth on a chair for a while so thought this one would be the perfect project! {drop cloth $10 at Home Depot}. I painted the wood white and love the results! So here is the before and after my friends!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Deer + Silhouette = Art {DIY}

Silhouettes as well as deer are one of the "it" things right now. Want to make the "it thing" happen in less then 10 minutes? {This is were you jump up and yell YES YES YES!!} Well your pretty lucky because we are going to tell you how! :)

All you need is a sharpie, computer/printer, scissors, and paper!

Get your deer image here!

You can really do this with any silhouette, I just googled deer outline and found the one above from Pinterest that I loved!

Print out the image in a 8 x 10 printed format (so the image is larger in size).
Next cut the deer silhouette out. Then trace the image onto an element. This is were you can get creative, you can use funky paper for the background such as chevron, stripes, shabby chic flowers, you name it (do it and show me please!). How cool would it be traced onto a piece or wood?
Okay so next after tracing the silhouette just simply fill in the image with a permanent marker. Yep that's it! I made one framed the bad boy and gave it to my father as a gift. It looks like a piece of art work and little does he know I did it in less then 10 minutes. SHHHHHHH......

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Living Room {Before and After}

Hello! I am one of the two sisters from The White House Boutique. I wanted to share some of my home makeover with you all! My hubster and I moved into our {1st} home a little over a year ago and I've just recently FINISHed my wallpapered fiascled living room. It is a 1890's house with no straight walls and or straight windows {so it made re-wallpapering quiet difficult}. My living room was covered with this pink flowery not so cute stuff (see picture below), that I couldn't paint over it. After several painstaking months upon months of taking this flowery stuff off, I realized I couldn't paint the wall as well, due to all the imperfections this old house blessed me with. Wallpaper my friends {which I now believe should of never been invented} is tougher than it looks. Every wallpapered room I now enter I have a lot more respect for. So lets get down to it.

Here is the before {like the waaaaayyyy before, previous owners that is.}

The During
I do have to admit I'm a bit embarrassed by this photo. Our house looked like this for several months!

 Although the wallpapering may not be perfect. I do love my new living room. And all the imperfections of my old house.

One of the downfalls (as seen in the two pictures below) of a old house is the wiring. My husband or I aren't electricians and the closest we know of one is my father (whom can literally do everything I swear). He said the best way to get my chandelier in the room is to hang it from the ceiling and plug it in. So now I have this ugly cord thing in the center of my wall (we are planning on fixing it) but for now I'll take the chandelier glistening in the room any day even with the ugly cord!


 The fun thing about this room (which is the same in all my rooms) is that I got 98% of this stuff at a thrift store (and I'm proud to say  I am a cheapy) and or DIYs. My favorite thing in this room is the yellow couch, I scored it at a second hand store for $275! The rugs? Wal-Mart for $30 each! The chandelier? 50$ at a garage sale! The piano? FREE! The chevron chair? $2 at a thrift store and I reupholstered it for under $7! Book shelf?- 10$ at garage sale! Owl lamp?-$5 garage sale! Map wall art?-$1 garage sale! I could go on and on my friends (it makes me so excited) haha. :)