Friday, January 10, 2014

Deer + Silhouette = Art {DIY}

Silhouettes as well as deer are one of the "it" things right now. Want to make the "it thing" happen in less then 10 minutes? {This is were you jump up and yell YES YES YES!!} Well your pretty lucky because we are going to tell you how! :)

All you need is a sharpie, computer/printer, scissors, and paper!

Get your deer image here!

You can really do this with any silhouette, I just googled deer outline and found the one above from Pinterest that I loved!

Print out the image in a 8 x 10 printed format (so the image is larger in size).
Next cut the deer silhouette out. Then trace the image onto an element. This is were you can get creative, you can use funky paper for the background such as chevron, stripes, shabby chic flowers, you name it (do it and show me please!). How cool would it be traced onto a piece or wood?
Okay so next after tracing the silhouette just simply fill in the image with a permanent marker. Yep that's it! I made one framed the bad boy and gave it to my father as a gift. It looks like a piece of art work and little does he know I did it in less then 10 minutes. SHHHHHHH......

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