Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dumpster transformation!

So we mentioned before that there is a wonderful week in Fargo/Moorhead that is called clean up week. I would consider it a holiday that we celebrate. We wanted to share some of our dumpster transformations with you. Yes, people threw goodies out in their trash.....but no need to worry.....the White House Gals rescued several treasures before there time was done. Each has their own story..........

This little chair I saw great potential in.
My mom got this a while ago at a thrift store...and it didn't take much in talking her to give it to me.....haha...I fell in love with the tribal print. Who would actually wear this awesome vest in the first place? Might as well give it some love.
So put it on a chair. Add some pen painted free handed arrows and you got yourself a pretty dang cute little chair.
How cute would this be at a cabin or in a deer shack? They can be pretty too right?

See inspiration here.

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