Friday, January 4, 2013

{A Touch of Vintage} InViTe

My cousin is getting married in a few months {Yippie!! I have the special honor of being one of her bridesmaids!} My Aunts are hosting a Bridal Shower for her!  I was put on bridal invite duty!  So I got busy at it!  I wanted to add a {touch of Vintage with some modern flare}.  I thought I would put this blog together in order to help with creativity block when it comes to making invites for that special party! 
First think if there is a theme for the party or as for the bridal invite I tried thinking of her wedding colors.  In this case her colors are silver and Tiffany blue!  Another tip is to look at examples of what you are wanting.  Google it under images for example modern invites, chevron invites, baby invites...etc.  I saw an invite with a doily and that is what sparked my creativity!  I used the program picmonkey {which is EXTREMLY easy to use} I chose a woodgrain background and played around with the fonts and colors! Made sure to add some Tiffany Blue in the invite to correspond with her Wedding Day! Make sure to save it as a jpeg and off to copy store you go {here they will be able to size it and print if off for you on cardstock} or you can also choose to print it off at home you can find cardstock at any craft store!
To add a little uniqueness to the invite I wrapped it with a paper doily wrapped it with twain added a love tag and finished it off with my favorite touch a feather!  
There is so much one can add to an invite for a personal touch such as buttons, lace, ribbon, rick rack, twain, etc...print it out on vintage pages from a book even! If you are looking for fun colored envelopes I purchased these kraft style envelopes at Hobby Lobby which were $6 for 50 envelopes.  I added some fun font for the addresses to add that final touch of special!  
I think they turned out pretty darn cute!  I hope the bride likes them!  Hope this helps with any creativity block on may have! 
Happy Friday to all!!

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