Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Patch up those holes with LoVe...

So apparently I LoVe my black leggings....so much that I have worn them out in the knees!  I was saddened by this.....they were so comfy.  Granted I will probably go and pick up another pair but I just couldn't bring myself to throw these when all it was a couple little holes.  But wearing them with those little holes was a little drafty in Minnesota!  I was cleaning out my sewing area when I came across a denim iron on patch and then it dawned on me!  I was going to give my pants the LoVe they needed!  So here is what you need to make     these adorable leggings!

  • iron on patch....{this  denim patch I choose to use was a denim patch}
  • scissors
  • iron
Truly....all you need are those three things!! Plug in the iron...and while you are waiting for it to heat up cut out the shape you are wanting....as you can see I cut out the patch in two heart shapes.  Place your leggings so they are flat and the holes are ready to be covered.  Lay the hearts on top {denim side facing up} of the holes and place iron on them long enough so they have created a good bond with one another!  Let cool...and you are ready to ROCK your new leggings!  I personally think this look is so cute one doesn't need holes....these may even save those knees from creating a hole in the first place!  My knees will never be draft again!!  Now hurry up....your leggings are awaiting you to add some fun to them!

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