Friday, November 2, 2012

Christmas tree BLING {DIY}

How to make your own Christmas tree {bling} instead of spending lots of $ at the Craft stores!  It's so SIMPLE!

What you need:
twigs/sticks {we found ours at the dollar store}
or spray paint

Step 1:  This is when you decide if you want bling or just a pop of color added to your tree.  With the red branches I just went in my backyard and picked some random sticks!  With the bling ones you could use sticks/twigs from your backyard as well I just happened to pick up some twig arrangement at the dollar store and used them!
Step 2:  With the spray paint I just added a tarp to the ground placed the sticks on top of the tarp and sprayed away making sure to cover all sides!  Let dry!  Easy as that!  Add to tree or vase and you have some super cute modern decor!
Step3:  With the glitter we just rolled them in Elmers glue covering all sides.
Roll in Glue
Step 4: Next we rolled them in glitter!  TahDah...these are complete.
Roll in Glitz
Let dry and add them to a vase or to your christmas tree for a little extra Glitz & Glam!  So fun and So EASY!!

The Glammed out tree:  So pretty...

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