Friday, November 30, 2012

{DIY} Deck the Halls with WREATHS

It's here....It's finally here...our DIY on our version of a vintage shabby Music/book wreath.
Here is what you NEED:
  • music sheet paper/ pages out of a book {25}
  • glue gun/ glue stick
  • paper plates or cardboard- this will be what you glue the paper to
  • elmers glue
  • glitter 
  • small piece of ribbon
  • crepe paper
  • notions of your choice
To get started heat up your glue gun and wrap around roughly 25 sheets of your paper so it creates a cone shape.  Next cut your paper plate or cardboard into a circle I cut the ribbed edges off a paper plate so I have a nice flat surface to work with.  Once you get your cones created I still use my glue gun and start gluing them onto the plate/cardboard.  I start by making a cross {see picture above}  Once those are stuck on there good I go ahead and glue cones in between the two cones {see picture above}  I continue this process once more. Once you have it filled in I turn the plate around and fill in the back sparingly but where needed {this just gives it a little bit more fuller and 3D look!
  Your wreath should be coming together at this point!  Once you are finished filling in the back grab your ribbon and create a loop so you have something to hang it from {see picture}.
 Turn around and create your center {focal point}  I usually take crepe paper and create a rosette for the center...glue on....
then I usually add a notion of choice {can usually find these at any local craft store in the holiday section}  In picture above I purchased some glitter letters and added the word JOY!  Being its a JOYful season and all!  I also had these cute banners that read NOEL!  Have I mentioned I LoVe ChRiStMaS!!

Then for a little extra glitz I have added glitter in the corners of the pages/cones {see picture}.  You have now created your very own gorgeous music WREATH!  They are truly very cute with book paper as well!  Would be great for the book worms during Christmas!!   I think I know what my daughter will be giving to her piano teacher as a Thank you Christmas Gift!  Let me know if you have any questions!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love love love!! Keep ur ideas coming as they are fantastic!!!
    ~mrs. g