Friday, December 7, 2012

Who? Who? wants a {DIY} on Owl Ornaments

 Pine Cone Ornaments {DIY}

What you need:
Pine Cones {found these at Micheal's}
Felt or Burlap 
Glue Gun

 Print off pattern from above cut out patterns and pin to felt/fabric of choice. The cirlce will be the eyes {place on a different color fabric will need to cut out 2x}  Cut out fabric pieces {will have a total of 4 fabric pieces for each owl body, head, and two eyes.
Use the Glue gun to glue the head and body together at ears {see picture below where I marked with marker} before you glue them together this is the step where you can add your twain/ribbon in the between the two ears creating a loop so you have something it will hang from.

Once those two are glued together you can add the eyes.
Then add the buttons to the eyes.
Now it is time to glue in the pine cones!  Just glue in between the two pieces of fabric.  Who? Who? Thinks these are ADORABLE!  We do...we do!!  My little Miss Betsy had so much fun making these! 

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