Friday, December 14, 2012

HoW tO cHeVrOn

So  if you've looked at our blog you might already know that we are a little obsessed with the chevron pattern. Chevron, I have found can virtually go on anything! We have used this pattern on table tops, walls, chairs, lamp shades, rugs, you name it we chevron it! It makes a boring item become a new funky piece. A chevron piece makes a dull room become creative. Now go find something in your house and transform it into chevron, I will guarantee that you will absolutely love it and have a blast doing it! This is how we do what we do.........

What you will need:
  • painters tape (make sure its as wide as you want your chevron pattern)
  • scissors
  • paint (either spray paint or regular paint)
  • paint brush
  • piece of paper

    So I have two items here a lampshade and a chair. You first create the chevron stencil.

I just find anything with a right angle in my house to create the chevron pattern. Like a dvd case or a magazine corner. I then tape it off (the corner) onto a piece of paper and then cut it out.
Tape each pattern all the way across your item. It doesn't have to line up perfectly. That is the benefit of chevron, it doesn't matter if its a little off. Make sure to smooth out painters tape so that the paint will not seep threw.

With the lampshade I chose spray paint and with the chair I just hand painted it. Both came out awesome!

The fun with chevron is that you can use really any color combination and it will always come out unique and different then anything you do, the projects never get old or boring! Have fun! What would you chevron?

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