Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unique {gift} on a budget

This truly can be given at anytime, any moment, for any reason....well you get it!  It's a handy dandy gift to give when you are in a bind trying to give that perfect something with meaning and {something that doesn't cost a fortune} As you have probably noticed throughout our blogs we like to be penny savvy {every penny we save is a penny that can be spent thrifting.  Truly $1 and go a long way!}  
I saw this idea on pinterest and checked out Shanty-2-Chic Blog!

LOVED IT!  I just tweaked it a little to fit the style I was looking for.  Here is my quick version of this letter art!

What You Need:
  • 4x6 frames from the Dollar Store {amount depending on the length of name}
  • A board that is pre-cut from Menards or Home Depot or a Salvaged Piece of wood that already has character  {tip I brought my frames inside the store so I made sure that the name would fit on their nicely} This usually costs in between $5-$10
  • Stain/old rag
  • Paint/paintbrush in this case I just used a white indoor latex paint
  • ruler
  • E600 glue and this can truly be found anywhere {Menards, Micheals, Acme Tool, Walmart etc}
  • vaseline {you will see why in a little bit}

Start off by staining your piece of wood.  I did this step so when you paint it and sand it, it has some contrast between the white paint and the wood to give it a rustic/vintage look.

Let the stain dry overnight.  The next step is to rub Vaseline around the edges of the wood on the corners and random spots on the wood.  Where you place the Vaseline the paint will not adhere as well and you can rub it off giving it an amazing look. See picture below! 
Once you get your Vaseline in all the right spots paint board! & take apart the frames and paint the frames while you are at it as well!

Once they are dry take a piece of sand paper and lightly sand the edges of the frames, and the wood where you had applied the Vaseline!

It's starting to come together! 
Now it's the fun part to pick out they style of letters to go in the frames!  There is an awesome Flickr site that has tons of letters to choose from!  Download those letters you can either print them off right there at home or I had them printed at a photo center just to give them a glossy more professional look!
Add the glass back to the frames insert your picture {On some frames you cannot add the cardboard piece back on because it will stick out from the wood, some just remove the standing thing but I just left the entire thing off completely}
Add your E600 to the back of the frame {make sure your frame is all measured out evenly} and stick into place.
Allow glue to dry and then add your hanging hardware to the back and That's it!  You have an amazing gift for that special someone.  Super cute for a new baby, wedding gift, house warming gift, anniversary, "it's the gift that keeps on giving".  hahaha. Love that line! Enjoy! And Thank you Shanty-2-Chic for your inspiration!

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