Sunday, February 10, 2013

We've got a first timer!......Reupholstered Chair

My sister and I got these chairs last winter....and had to get them ($20 for the pair). There was two of them...and since everything is better in pairs we couldn't pass them up. Not to mention we loved the shape and size as well. But what and how should we make these a bit cuter? They were a peach color and had no holes but lots of stains on them. We contemplated painting them perhaps? I just wasn't quiet that daring....yet..(see our painted chair here) sister got this awesome fabric that she put onto this fabulous bench. As soon as she showed me birds started singing in my head and butterfly's fluttered in my heart......
 I then knew that I HAD to do or try to reupholster these chairs in this fabric....BECAUSE I WAS OBSESSED! Heres were I got the fabric. So here I go....I googled and searched for a day on how to reupholster a chair. So I attempted and somewhat succeeded I think? I love the way it turned out...I just hope it stays put? So here's how I did it. * Note: I advise to use home decor fabric because it is easy to work with.

I read on one blog to reupholster a chair in a spot that is in your way (example: the middle of a hallway) this way you get it done faster haha (it was great advice that I followed and oh so true). First I started ripping! I took off the piping all around the chair (I used a pliers to help me out on this). Then I started to rip off the fabric. Some staples came out with the fabric and some stayed on the chair. I read on some blogs that the individuals took each staple out (which would take forever) and on others that they didn't worry about taking the staples out so I decided to take the easy way out and not worry about taking the staples out and it still worked out great. On blogs I read to start with the inner arm cushion first and work your way out from the chair, doing the side arms and the back last.  Make sure when you are ripping off the fabric to keep it in the original shape that it is stapled on at as much as possible. You take the pieces off and lay them onto the fabric and cut out the shapes.
When disassembling the chair fabric just try to remember how it was put on and you just put the new fabric on exactly how you took the old fabric off. A tip *Take pictures of every angle of chair...that way you can remember how it was assembled. 

 Next after ripping off the fabric I painted the wood frame. I chose black. I had to put two coats on.
Then I took the pieces of the fabric and started to staple them on (the way the old fabric was on). (sorry don't have a good picture of this). I stapled all around the fabric with a heavy duty stapler and had my staples about a quarter of an inch apart from each other.

 After completing the staples I went back and trimmed off the fabric.

Here was a tricky part. I had to fold over the fabric in the corner (as seen). I just pulled it really tight and folded it over and stapled it down. I hid the seems later with piping.
 Next I took maxi piping and glued it all around the edging of the chair with hot glue. And here is my finished project. I LOVE IT! I am now in the process of chair #2! So cute so fun.

Fabric (about 2 yards) $20
Chair $10
Piping $4
Total cost of chair $34



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