Thursday, February 14, 2013

{Love day}

Happy Valentine's Day! I truly love this day. I feel it's a day to tell the people that are special to you how much you really love them. With that being said I made these fun little heart banners for the special people in our life! The best party about it is that I only spent $2. Yup $2! I found these red hearts at the $dollar$ store {I love that place}.  I purchased these red glitter hearts a pack of 5 for $1.  

I thought they were cute and I needed them for Love day.....I knew I could do something fun with them!  The second I took them out of the package I knew these would make the cutest banner  So here is what I did with them....the fun thing with this is you can decorate the hearts anyway your little heart desires as long as it speaks from the theme that I wanted to go with was the vintage romantic.   

What you need:
Glitter Hearts ($ store)
Hole Puncher
Music Sheet paper/ book paper
glue {I used a glue gun}

First thing is need to punch holes in the top of your hearts.....this is where the string will be pulled through.....*hint: make sure you do two holes in each heart because they will lay flat. 

 Next decide how you want to decorate them.  I added sheet music to 3 of the hearts and glued them to the center of the hearts.  I wanted to add a focal point to the center of the large heart so I added a rosette made with sheet music and came across a vintage cupid which I thought fit perfectly with my theme.  I glued them on and was ready to thread them on the twain.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!  Enjoy this day with the people you LOVE!

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