Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage {thrifty DIY} Wall Art

Okay so this project costs close to nothing!  And super easy. I spent $8 on the whole thing! I am deeply in love with old photographs and pictures. Someone threw out a whole set of vintage encyclopedias and I was the lucky one to find them! I spent a couple days just going through them and looking at the wonderful vintage pictures. I tore out my favorite ones and stored them away. So when I found these frames at the dollar store I knew it would be perfect for these encyclopedia pages. They are wonderful! Simple and chic.

What you'll need
  • Dollar store frames (there is these 11x14" and/or both these 8 1/2 x11")
  • Book pages
*I guarantee you if you go to your local thrift store they will have a book for you with something that catches your eye. I've rarely seen a book for more than $2, and they are usually filled with beautiful pictures. Little Green notebook has a little different idea with beautiful moth prints from a book (check it out, they are beautiful!). You could do kids books, nature, maps, encyclopedias, you name it! Try to stick towards a theme and group it together.

So First off I picked out my pages from the book that I loved the most. I just tore the pages out and didn't even bother to cut them out neatly. I like the jagged edge look.
Then I took out the inner cardboard from the frame and flipped it around so that the black is facing the back and the grey is facing you.

Then I just placed the book page in the middle of the frame.
 I love how they turned out. Why buy expensive art when books are filled with these things?!

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