Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Mother Load of Dumpster Diving!

{photo courtesy of Missy Kautzman photography}
Its been a good month. A good month of digging in trash that is. Yep other peoples junk is the White House gals treasure. My neighborhood has been doing a lot of renovating. Its a neighborhood full of old beautiful fixer upper homes. One of these beautiful homes threw out these wonderful spindles. I am assuming they were for a small railing that was on the second floor of the house leading to an outside lookout. Stunning! They have such great patina.
Another house in my neighborhood has seemed to have been abandoned for a long long time! It is a another beauty that was hidden by a large amount of trees; to my surprise one day all the trees had been cut down and this beautiful tall blue house stood with so much character. The next day I spotted a giant dumpster in front of the house on the road! YES! So from that day forward I was a stalker of the blue house on the corner. For a couple of days, I noticed around 4 to 5 people carrying trash cans full of stuff and dumping it into the dumpster with masks over their faces all day long. I became that much more interested.  My mom, sister, 7 year old niece, and I decided to check it out. My mom was the first to approach the dumpster and she immediately started to yell "Oh my gosh" "oh my gosh!" We knew it was good. But we really had no clue the treasures we had came across until we got home. We filled our car full twice! And spent the whole day searching through our amazing finds. At some points we were screaming and very very close to crying due to being so gosh darn excited! In other moments we were in aahhhh!
We were sad that these were going to be lost if we hadn't rescued them but then so excited that we saved them from going to the dump, lost, with no more stories behind them. So here are some of the treasures we found in the dumpster my friends.
This was our most prized treasure, pictures of the cathedral in St. Paul, Minn. being built. We emailed the church that night to inform them that we have these pictures and this was thier response:
"Thank you so very much for salvaging these precious photographs!  We do not have any photos in our archives that show the actual mockups that Leon Hermant (the sculptor of the facade) used."
So The White House girls are making a trip to The Cathedral to deliver the pictures along with other amazing finds!  We are so excited to hear their stories and history behind what we have found!  We will keep you posted!
 What amazing history right?


             {photo courtesy of Missy Kautzman photography}

There was truly no shame in our game on this wonderful dumpster diving day!  It is a day full of  memories & laughter between the White House Girls, a day we  will never forget!  We will make sure to keep you posted on our St. Paul Cathedral Story!
xoxo  The  White House  Girls
Photo courtesy of Missy Kautzman photography

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