Thursday, November 7, 2013

Feather Christmas Ornaments {DIY}

Another easy Holiday Do-it-yourself-er.  I have had a crush on feathers lately so I figured I better add them to my holiday décor!  This one was super easy and fun to do with my daughter!  We purchased clear bulbs at Hobby Lobby! 

Purchased a couple bags of feathers while we were there {there are so  many to choose from} but of course the  ones with polka dots caught our eye! We brought our goodies home and truly it's as easy as removing the top of the bulb. stuffing in the feathers of choice.  Adding the top back one and what do  you know!  You created a feather ornament!  I LOVE them!  I picture them on an all white tree with just these ornaments and rhinestones!  Be still my heart!  Happy Junking Holidays!  Now go get your craft on!

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