Thursday, November 7, 2013

Vintage Marquee letters {DIY}

I kept seeing vintage marquee letters everywhere, and was in LOVE!  But they were  of course WaY to expensive for my liking!  But then  I came across these giant letters at JoAnn's Fabric Store and thought to myself that I am going to make  my own the cheap way!  With a little trial and error and help from my hubby I created my very own Marquee letters!  And if I must say so  myself they turned out pretty darn cute!

Here is what you need:
Paper Mache Letters
a serrated knife {to cut out the back  of the letters}
round bulb patio lights

I found my paper Mache letters at JoAnn's Fabric store!  They are large and a decent price!  These ones were $10.00 a letter and they have coupons where you can purchase them for 40% off! 
I first counted the amount of lights I had on the string and then decided how many lights to a letter.  Then I used my pencil to mark each spot so  I knew where I would be punching a hole for my lights!  {something to remember is when marking where the lights go make sure that they mimic each other on opposite sides, it will give  it a real marquee look!} Then I cut an "X" mark on each spot where light  is going to be  inserted.  I then took the end of my knife and poked it through the "X" preparing the spot where I pushed the l lights through! 
Once complete with all that I turned the letters around and cut the back out {not along the seam but inside the letters} The reason for this is because I inserted the lights from  the back of the letter so the cord will be hidden!  Make sure to start with one side of the string of lights and start from the bottom corner of whatever letter you  may be working with! Unscrew all the lights so you have just the socket to work with....****make sure your lights are not plugged in during this time **** push them through each hole!! Continue with the path  you created with your holes!  Once you  have finished your letters then screw in each bulb!  Plug in! & ENJOY!  These have so much potential!  Holidays, Christmas cards, birthday parties, last name in house, in a kids room! ahhhhh the possibilities are endless!!  Thanks for stopping by until next time!!

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