Tuesday, December 17, 2013

{DIY} beanie/hat

So I spotted these cute hats at Wally World aka walmart in various colors and they had potential!! I couldn't pass them up at a whopping $.87 cents!! So I grabbed one and got crazy!! The fun thing with these is you could do so much!! I went off the happy cheery little girl that I was making this for and decided to add little bright colored fabric flowers to it!! For this little project all you need is three strips of fabric, glue gun, scissors, and your hat! 
Then create your little flowers by glueing and wrapping the fabric in a circle! 
You next and final step is to glue them in place! One could use fabric glue but I just choose to glue them down with the glue gun! 
And you now have a super adorable extra sweet hat for a grand total of $.87!! Can't beat that!! Now what are you waiting for!! 

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