Monday, April 22, 2013

Junkers- Saving the Earth

Happy Earth Day people!  I think I came up with a great definition of a true Junker today to celebrate Earth Day!

"Junker: Saving the Earth one piece of Junk at a time."
-The White House Girls

Truly, it made me start to then think about all the things that we have saved from going to the landfills!  We have a week here in Fargo called garbage throw out week! And that is a Holiday for us!  It is a sight to be seen.  Everyone piles up their garbage on the side of the curb and then the "Junkers" come out of the woodwork....driving up and down, up and down, all the side streets looking for that amazing treasure!  Trailers, trucks, name it we've seen it {and probably have done it}!  It is hilarious but at the same time such a great feeling knowing that all this stuff is given another life instead of being tossed away into that big pile of garbage! Our cars really should be beautified by the bumper sticker "this car brakes for junk"!When we first started to become Dumpster Divers it was  kind of embarrassing looking through someones trash, but after all a while there is no shame in the game! It becomes a thrill when you spot a good pile, a competition!  You start to learn the tricks- if you can't fit a find in your car such as a dresser you take the drawers and come back for it! So with all of this-yes-I would say us Junkers are SAVING the piece of junk at a time!  So Happy Earth day!  We would love for you to share your dumpster diving stories with us!  We would love to hear from you!

Windows!  So Many Windows!  That's my little Sis diving in like a pro!  And Check out that Chair!  This was a good Stop!

Just some of the many Treasures!

This find was a funny one, my sister was running down the road to grab that garden cart and look at how many treasures we found a long the way and this was just while we were on a walk with the kids we even got some Honks with all that gorgeous junk!

We just couldn't pass this beauty up!

Our Husbands are so proud! Yes that is all our garbage finds!

Who would throw these things away!

Yup this one we had to pass up...just no room, but we did share it on our Facebook Page and we think that she was saved by someone!

This one needed some love...but it was vintage so it held a place in our hearts!

This gets me fired up for this year throw out week!  Stay tuned for our finds...

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