Friday, April 19, 2013

Bohemian Style.

Yes I am a bit crazy. I wanted to show a part of my style and give you a look into my TV room. It is a bit of a circus! I have so many styles that I love, but bohemian is probably my fav! My husband and I love to travel so I think it comes a bit from that. I have always been a lover of hippy style and it has definitely shown through with my d├ęcor. I'll probably change it again next month but here's what I got right now! The cool thing is 99% of everything that you are looking at in the room I got at a garage sale or thrift store!

Pillows- 50 cents- $7 (thrift stores)
Couch- $50 thrift store turn painted see before here
Coffee table (piano bench garage sale painted with emerald green)
End table- $15 (thrift store painted emerald green)
Basket- $20 (a bit of a splurge at thrift store)
End drum tables- $2-small $20 large (thrift stores)
Globe- $4 (thrift store)
Clocks- $1-$2 (garage sale)
Bike- $3 (thrift store)
Gold chicken wire frame- $9 frame (thrift store) turned chicken wire frame see how to
Vintage wall art- $8 total see how to
Industrial lamp- $4
Cameras- $2-$7 (thrift stores/garage sales)
Bottles- free (garbage)
Elephant statue- $15 (thrift store)
Curtains- Ikea 2 for $10 (I KNOW A STEAL!)
shelf- ?? not really sure how much but at a thrift store 6 years ago?
Books- 10 cents thrift store

Cheap never felt so good!! :)

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