Monday, April 15, 2013

Industrial Revolution hits the Midwest

It's coming folks....the industrial revolution is hitting the Midwest...and I am addicted and in LOVE!  Anything metal makes my heart beat an extra beat!  A little added Rust is also a plus! I have been wanting the perfect hanging lamp but I also don't want to pay a fortune! Rummage sale season is coming up and we need to save all the pennies we can!  I came across this lamp at a thrift store and practically ran across the room to grab it!  I new instantly what I was going to do with it, and couldn't wait to get it home!  I purchased this bad boy for $9.  It was full of dust, cobwebs, and the wicker was all bent up on one side! The guy at the checkout counter looked a little concerned with my purchase- wondering who would pay $9 for this thing!  Only did he Know I was going to beautify it!!  As I stated above the wicker was bent on one side which made it easier to destroy, but if the wicker was in perfect condition and one happens to come across a hanging wicker lamp, they are pretty darn cute just given a fresh coat of paint! But if you are searching for the original look keep on reading!

All I truly did was wash it up....removed the dust and cobwebs and tore off the wicker! Underneath the damaged wicker was this beautiful metal lamp shade frame!  This one came with an added bonus of a glass globe, but it would super cute with a round globe light!  I can't wait to hang it up and admire him from afar!  I will be back with a picture of him in action!  Have a great Monday~ xoxo The White House Girls!


  1. Oh I am so doing this - as soon as I find a nasty old hanging light.

    1. Would love to see your transformation!! We love sharers!!