Friday, April 5, 2013

25 cent chair turned Shabby Chic

So I got this chair for $.25! Yes the decimal is right on that! A QUARTER! They were going to throw it away at a thrift store because the fabric was torn is several places. So I took it because I don't like seeing such beautiful things going to the trash! :) I see potential! I loved the wood structure of this chair. So I took on this project.

I began to tear it apart! That's right EVERYTHING! I tore all the fabric off of it and got it down to the wood. This is fun (I have been told many times that I am weird due to thinking this is fun) but also takes a lot of muscle as well. While tearing the fabric off I found $.70! I already made money of this sucker!
So I have wanted to recover a chair with this flour sack I scored for $2! And this was the perfect project.

I had some white cotton fabric that I got for 50 cents a while back. It was to white so I did my moms old fashioned trick died it with coffee to match the ivory stained color of the flour sack. I made about 8 cups of coffee (real dark) and put it in a pan and let my fabric soak for about 2 hours. Then I washed it and it came out perfectly! Down below is a picture of the change in color from white to coffee stained look!
So I took my flour sack and stained fabric and I stapled the onto the structure of the chair. I used upholstery nails for around the flour sack to add some cuteness! It turned out so cute!

On the back I just added a layer of burlap, batting (for some cushion). I wanted to leave the springs exposed because it gives it a industrial look.
Aint bad?

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