Thursday, June 27, 2013

Proud owners of a 1970's Lark.... {Vintage Camper}

Yes that's right.....we are proud owners of this beauty!  It all stemmed from a couple incidents: one I bought a really cute vintage tiny charcoal grill{at a garage sale for $3} which I pictured every so cutely paired with a vintage camper! Haha! And the big one was our children are getting to the age where we can go camping as a family!  And as embarrassing as it is to admit being I was born and raised on a farm I am just not a tent camper!! I am a wuss! So I kept seeing  these adorable vintage campers and I needed one! So the research began! The more I looked into them I realized that they barely stayed on the market for 48 hours! I kept writing leads but they would already be sold! I posted on our Facebook page that we were on the hunt and that is where we came across this beauty!
                 See can't you picture this grill in a cute little camper......
Here are her before pictures:
A 70's Lark! She definitely needs some love! My husband kept exchanging looks with me during the purchase. It was stinky and beaten! But we could both see the potential! Everything worked such as the stove, fridge, and lights; that was a major plus!  So she became ours!! Our first step was to name her!  We have came up with a couple "Ruby & Dixie" we will see if one of those stick! 
The kids are in love with it! They have been playing Burger King, they have to say good night to her, and I can't wait to create memories with her!! 
I have created a mood board and will update you all with her progress! So far we have wiped her down and given half of her, her first paint job! So excited to glam her up and to go Glamping!! Would love to hear stories or others share your experience with vintage trailers/campers! Xoxo Katie 

Betsy is starting to give her a new paint job!

 We are thinking this vintage blue will be the new color or the exterior stripe!
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  1. You'll have to bring her up for a White House weekend to show her off ; )