Monday, June 3, 2013

State Pillow {DIY} NO SEW!

What You Will Need:
-Fabric (recommend something thicker)
-Fabric Glue
-Computer/ Maps

First I picked out my state. I have a book of maps and I cut out my home state of Minnesota :). I know you also can print out a outline of states if you just google your state there are lots of size and options available. I had some white fabric and I traced the state onto my white fabric with a pencil and cut it out. I recommend using a thick fabric such as felt for the state due to when I made mine the glue shows through a bit.

 I'm not the best sewer, so when I saw that there is fabric glue (available at any craft store or Walmart) I just had to get it. I traced the outline of my state with the fabric glue and all over the inside of the state. Then I put the state on my pillow and pressed it down.
 I cut out a little heart and glued it onto the area of were my home town is located! I can't wait to make more of these and get more creative with colored fabric, chevron, and stripes! So fun!
I even did an USA one! Its my new obsession!


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