Wednesday, August 21, 2013

{DIY} labels

I got these super cute baskets at a garage sale for 5$ or all 3! I thought they would be perfect for the mess in my daughters room. Plus they are super duper cute! So I wanted to make labels for each (for my daughter and my hubby hehe).
Heres what you need
  • Scissors
  • printer/computer
  • cardstock
  • labels (right click them and save!)


 - side note - you can also make your own labels using They have super cute labels under *overlays* and labels.
 Heres how you create your own. First you have to right click and save this blank page here
right click blank area above and save
Now you open this blank picture onto picmonkey. Then you go to overlays and under overlays you go to labels. Play with them a bit so that you can customize them to your shape and color that you would like your labels to be. Then you go under the "p" on the left hand side of the page {at picmonkey} Which is the text. You make a "add text" and put the text inside the label. In my case I used blankets, toys, and stuffed animals. You could do this with anything! Options are endless people! Then I printed them out. I printed them out on cardstock (cardstock is much durable and can be found at walmart.) I printed the labels so that the layout I selected was "4x6" size so that they were smaller and didn't take up the whole page (could fit 2 labels per page). I cut them out with a paper cutter (so that the edges or even) but you can just use a scissors as well. I clipped them on the basket with two clothes pins and fell in love! HAPPY LABELING to all!!!! xoxo

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