Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dresser Transformed

In a blog post before We speak of Multiple Design Personality Disorder....this just happens to be one of our many cases.  This is my 3rd t.v. stand in 3 years.  I just could not seem to find the perfect one.  Until now. Our first one was just one of those wood ones from Walmart {we needed one quickly} but for me it lacked character and not enough space.  The second one was a large and mustard yellow with fun newspaper print on the doors. This had the space I wanted plus the character but then it was just too loud for me...It became the focal point of the room and I was looking for something that was pleasing to the eye.  So I was on the hunt!  My husband was just thrilled that I was on the look out for yet another T.V stand {men just don't I told him He's just lucky I don't trade my Husband like I do my furniture....{hehehehe joke of the day!}} 

   I came across this dresser which was a great size, loved the detail and character, & it had lots of storage... but ....{there is always a but} I knew I had to find something that would hold all the guy stuff such as the receiver and dvd player.  I just had to have it and I was going to find a way for it to work.  I brought it home and introduced it to my living room and got to work.  I'm going to do that trick where you remove the top drawer...never done this before but lets figure it out together!  I began by painting the dresser....Being it had so much character already in the wood I just wanted to go with the simple beautiful color white...I knew between the dark wood and white I would have a great contrast to rough it up a bit! 

  • I added two coats of interior latex paint; I removed the top drawer and also painted inside the drawer area so that too could be freshened up!
  • Then I grabbed a piece of sandpaper and started to rough up the edges and the detailed doors to give it more of a pop!  
  • I gave it an Annie Sloan Clear Wax to seal the deal!  
  • I kept the original hardware because I liked the chunkiness of them!  
  • I removed the "track" that the drawer rolled on so I could have a nice flat surface to work with. 

  •  I grabbed myself a tape measure and wrote down the dimensions of the inside of the removed drawer.  I thought that I could just hand an employee my measurements at Menard's and receive the board I needed cut just right but that wasn't the case.  They only cut lumber such as 2x4's so I guess that leaves me to cutting it! Oh Boy!  I was able to find a smooth thin piece of wood in their plywood area.  This board was roughly $6.  
  • I brought it home measured and penciled it out on where I would be cutting.  I grabbed my husband's electric hand saw/ and safety goggles {this was an interesting sight} in the end of all the cutting I had myself a board that was going to be my electronic platform!  
  • I inserted it and the fit was perfect!  I bet I couldn't do that again if I tried!  I just left it the natural light wood color because I liked the different elements being used but you could also paint that the same color as the entertainment center so it all blends!  
  • Another tip is to cut a small hole through the back of the dresser where the open compartment is....this will help with cords from one electronic to another!  
I was so happy with the ending result! AND so is My Husband...I think I impressed him with the whole using the electric saw thing all by myself!  It is a perfect addition to our family room.....I think this one is going to stick around for a while!  Thanks for Stopping by our Blog! xoxo The White House Girls

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