Friday, May 11, 2012

Old Cupboard doors turned into adorable Chalkboards!

What you need:
A cupboard door 
chalkboard paint
paint brush
spray paint of desired color
hardware to nail to back of cupboard to hang on wall

Here is How easy it really is!
Place outside on cardboard or tarp and spray paint around the edges.  Allow to dry!  Then grab your paint brush and chalk board paint and carefully paint inside the cupboard!  Allow to dry!  Depending on thickness of paint you may need to add another coat of chalkboard paint!  If you want a shabby chic look sand edges of cupboard to give it a vintage worn look!  On back of cupboard add your frame hardware so you are able to hang it to your desired location!  {you can find that art hardware at any store target, home depot, menards, kmart, etc!}  It is really that easy!  You can even add knobs to the bottom edge to hang coats or scarves from!  How fun is that!

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