Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WhO LoVeS ViNtAgE JuNk...We Do ...We Do!!

Hello to you All! Thank you so much for checking out our new Blog page! This new Journey we Call The White House Boutique...has been not only a blast; but has created a new amazing bond between my Sister and I! Who knew that our Junk Obsession could do so much! A quick thank you to our Husbands who have supported us and managed to live with our messy inventing rooms....okay okay I'll be honest...our ENTIRE messy Houses! {"why is it that creative minds are just never tidy"} Thanks Dad for being our Mr. Handy Dad you can fix and do anything...I think your new nickname will be Super Dad! & to you Mom...for pushing us into this maddness and believing in us! We love you all and Thank you!

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